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Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

Agricultural Workers Recruitment

Employers are required to place ads in local newspapers in an attempt to recruit US agricultural workers. Additionally, cooperation with the State Workforce Agencies (SWA) office for the referral of US workers is required for Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. Our agency provides the farm labor advertising assistance services in accordance with Department of Labor guidelines.

Farm Labor Workers Housing

Employers must provide free housing to the farm labor workers unable to return to their residence the same day. Housing must be inspected and approved by the SWA office before receiving Department of Labor approval.

Meals for Farm Labor Workers

Employers must provide free and convenient cooking facilities for farm labor workers, so they can prepare their own meals or provide three meals a day to the workers. Employers may charge workers a certain amount per day for prepared meals.


Employers must pay costs incurred by the farm labor worker from place of recruitment to place of employment when half of the work contract is complete. Upon completion of the contract, employers shall pay the workers transportation and subsistence from the place of employment to the place from which the worker came. Employers must also provide transportation from the housing facility to the place of work.

Seasonal Workers | Farm Labor


Tools & Supplies

Employers are required to supply all necessary tools. Employees may not be charged for any tools or supplies needed to perform their duties or job function.

Three-Fourths Guarantee

Employers must guarantee employment to agricultural workers for at least three quarters of the work days. This covers from the beginning of the contract to the end.

Workers Insurance

By law, employers must carry Workers' Compensation insurance. All farm labor employees must be covered under the insurance policy, as required by state law.

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