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Farm Labor Contractor

Farmers Aid America in Ocala, Florida, works to secure migrant farm labor and seasonal labor for small independent farms, making sure workers and owners needs are cared for. As a Farm Labor Contractor we make getting seasonal labor and foreign workers properly documented simpler. 

Because many farm workers move from place to place, seasonal labor can be difficult to find. One of the main tasks of Farmers Aid America as a Farm Labor Contractor is to discover exactly where migrant workers are located, identify their skills and match them with farms that need their expertise in harvesting crops. As many of these workers come from impoverished backgrounds, they often do not have the financial means, transportation or language skills necessary to move easily amongst farming operations. In addition to matching seasonal labor with appropriate farms and securing Seasonal H2A US Work Visas, we will also secure transportation to your farm, delivering sufficient numbers of workers in time for planting, harvest or other essential operations.

Farmers Aid America takes the uncertainty and worry out of finding and hiring seasonal labor for your farm. In addition to the stress of little money and travel, many migrant farm workers struggle with their immigration status. As an employer, you can be fined for having illegal immigrants working on your farm. When contracting with Farmers Aid America, you will be assured that all workers placed through our services will have proper and legal documentation, including Seasonal H2A US Work Visas and other papers and requirements necessary for legal work status.


Seasonal H2A US Work Visas

Farmers Aid America was created to help farmers with their farm labor contractor needs. We believe in family farms and feel workers and farms should get the most from the Seasonal H2A US Work Visas program. You can rest assured that we have the farmer's best interest in mind. We provide prompt and courteous services, working together to achieve your goals and providing field and crop labor

We prepare and file documents on your behalf to the Department of Labor and the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to ensure on time arrival of your H-2A employees. With extensive experience working with family farms, we are able to share information and insight regarding the program and seasonal labor

Convenient Services

With our low rates, we offer you great savings regarding an already costly program. Nothing is more important to us than meeting your farm labor needs and ensuring your farm and workers are successful. We help farms and farmers of various kinds, including:

• Fruit & Vegetable Farms 
• Tobacco Farms
• Feed Lots
• Poultry Farms
• Sod Farms
• Horticulturists
• Custom Harvesting
• Swine Production
• General Farms
Workers on the Farm | Farm Labor Contractor

Contact us in Anthony, FL to find out how our Farm Labor Contractor services will help document and secure the migrant farm labor.